May 10 - 13, 2024 • Online
our lady
Did you know that in addition to the sixteen ecclesiastically recognized apparitions of Our Lady, there are reports of more than two thousand other appearances over the centuries and up to the present day from many places around the world?

In many of these apparitions Mary reveals loving messages like every mother who alerts, cares and worries about her children, asking for correction, change of attitude and prayer. Why does the Mother of God insist so much on complying with her messages? What does she actually want humanity to understand?

It is with this approach of raising awareness of the psychosocial inversions that are causing the great tribulations of our times, that Theologians without Borders from the Department of Theology of the Trilogical Colleges will hold an online international forum, the 33rd Forum STOP the Destruction of the World, from the 10th to 13 th of May, 2024.

You are invited to understand more about the causes that prevent the content of the thousands of messages from Mary, Mother of Christ, from being realized.

When? May 10 - 13, 2024

Where? Online

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